Moving in with Emily This Month

Of course this is the sort of thing that we should have done a long time ago, since it just makes sense for the two of us if we are going to stay together for the long haul. Living in two separate places just is silly, especially since I have grown disenchanted with the guy I have been sharing a place with. Right now I am thinking that I stay in the same place, but we are going to decide between one bedroom and two bedroom apartments in Alamo Heights San Antonio. Emily needs to have an office at home and the same thing would be useful for me. In particular my boss would let me work a few days from home every month, in fact they really like that where it is practical. Office space is expensive and if you have people doing their jobs at home that saves everyone money. Of course the extra room is going to cost you about a hundred and thirty dollars more each month.

That is a significant amount of money, but if you have to work from home it is not really easy to do it without a dedicated space for it. You can work from the kitchen table, but that really does not work for me too well. Of course you could set aside one corner of the house and put a desk and chair there. That is sort of a way that you can do it, but it is not really that great. Other than that we have very few problems. Emily used to work on the far side of the city, but now she is working about five minutes from this place. So she really is interested in moving here, especially since it will allow her to lay in bed another 20 minutes.